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Student Need to Know - FAQ PDF Print E-mail
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1. Is there a dress code?  If so, what is it?
   Yes, we do have a dress code.  Dress should be clean and neat and should reflect what is normally worn in the occupation for which you are being trained.  Certain programs have additional dress codes.  Shorts, tank tops, and bare midriffs are not allowed, and no hats or caps can be worn inside the buildings, unless you are in a lab that permits it. 

2. Do we have to wear name badges?
   Name badges are required for all students.  Look for postings in classrooms on when to get your ID made.

3. Where do I get my car decal and how much does it cost?
   Car decals are available in Student Services.  There is no charge for the first decal, however any additional is $2.00.

4. Do you have any student clubs or organizations?

Yes, we have many student clubs and you can look up additional information on each on our website at

5. Does your college have a tobacco policy?
   Altamaha Technical College is a tobacco free campus.  The use of ALL tobacco products on all of its campuses and offsite facilities including the parking lots is prohibited.

6. Do you have an attendance policy?
   Yes we do have an attendance policy and your attendance will directly affect your academic success.  Any student who misses five consecutive hours during a semester, without notifying the instructor, will be assumed to have voluntarily dropped and his/her name will be removed from the roll.  Also, there are no excused absences in relation to academic work.  All assigned work must be completed by the student in order to received credit for any give course.

7. How many hours must I take to be classified as a full time student?
   12 credit hours or more is required to be considered full-time.

8. What is the difference between a diploma and degree?
   The difference is length of time to complete and the level of award.  A diploma generally takes a year to a year and a half to complete.  The highest degree we offer is an Associates of Applied Science and it typically takes two years to complete.  A degree is a higher award level than a diploma.

9. Do I need my books on the first day of class?
   No, you will go at the beginning of each quarter with your instructor to the bookstore. Take your schedule with you and the bookstore staff will pull your books for you.  The Financial Aid book awards will be available in the bookstore to offset the cost of books purchased.

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